Exhibit Scotland

Award winning video production, 360° experiences, virtual tours & aerial imagery in, for & about Scotland

Our academically & professionally qualified team, provide clients with around 40 years combined Television & Video production experience & over a decade working within the Scottish land based sectors, on projects focusing on Natural & Built Heritage, Rural Skills, Tourism, Building construction & maintenance, Energy & Food production!

What we offer


!New! Exclusive 360° experience suites, for "relaxation & stimulation" (available now)

New for 2019, we're excited to announce, we've developed our own 360° products.

There is a rising tide of recognition among medical / health care professionals, that appropriate use of 360° & Virtual Reality technology, may be of benefit to peoples lives & the health care system. Bolstered by this & informed by lived experience, Exhibit Scotland now offer a range of 360°/VR products & services, to health care providers, service users & their families.

Since 2016, Exhibit Scotland has been working almost exclusively with 360° cameras & virtual reality technology.  One of our primary interests, has been health & well-being applications of 360°/VR. We have been working hard to capture incredible raw footage, to enable us to create some of the most breathtaking, engaging, beneficial 360° content in the UK. In 2019 our content has been shortlisted in the worlds first "VR for Good" competition & will become part of a database of 360/VR productions for the relief of suffering. It gives us pride, to have created groundbreaking therapeutic 360° content, showcasing the stories & messages, of key land, natural & built heritage organisations along the way.

We have been creating incredible content, to make a positive impact on viewers lives. We've been creating rich content to share knowledge.  We've experimented with new ideas, new technology & worked with some beautiful, talented, highly knowledgeable people.  For more information click here now


!New! Hire Exhibit Scotland Mobile Virtual Reality Headsets & our captivating 360° experiences

Mobile VR / 360° experiences, are an increasingly popular activity for small bespoke & large scale private, public or corporate events.

We can help you with your VR / 360° delivery needs. Our Oculus Go headsets are packed with our exclusive content & VR apps.

Need help to showcase your VR app or 360° content at your event, hire our mobile VR headsets & experienced delivery staff.

For more information Contact us now

360° Film & Photography - Commission 360° film & interactive image based content, e.g. workplace training experiences.

Aerial Filming - CAA Pfco Certified UAS (Drone) Operation for film, land surveys, building inspections & progress reports

(Multi-Spectrum & 3D Photogrammetry available)

Showcase Productions - Promotional Film, Photography & Audio for your Business, Social Media, Websites & TV

Stock Imagery (HD1080 & 4K 360 °)


!New! Shoot 360° courses, introduces 360° & Virtual Reality technology & its potential to improve your life & benefit your business.

We want you to take away with you, a feeling of confidence in your ability to go forth & shoot 360°. We focus on helping you to learn the secrets to utilizing this innovative technology & encourage its positive integration into your professional &/or personal life.

To achieve this, we will share with you our secrets, our stories & hard won, now fail-safe approaches, to help you plan & shoot your own 360° content. We will play with some 360 cameras together & look at camera apps for mobile handsets, before demonstrating post production work, using industry standard stitching & editing software packages.

During the course, you'll be shown a collection of consumer & professional 360° cameras & will be given time to use the new "Oculus Go" mobile VR headsets, to explore our new range of 360° experiences.

We also offer a consultancy surgery, to assist with participants individual 360 work/needs. If desired once the course is complete, we can help you obtain appropriate 360° technology, to suit your requirements.

Tailor a bespoke course for you! "Share your story with disruptive technology!" Contact us now