Film - The way forward in communicating a message.

Today affordable camera technology makes it possible for you to commission & utilise high quality film productions, which would have previously cost too much!

Exhibit Scotland began, to be a cost effective solution for people to commission film. We offer 4K & HD180p traditional (non 360°) filming & post production services. Over the last decade, we have made a lot of films, for a lot of very happy clients, many which have been re-choosing Exhibit Scotland for film services, for many years. For more information click here now

For those wishing to commission film services, airborne filming is an option, with our fully loaded unmanned aerial filming system, CAA qualified pilots & camera crew. For more information contact us

On March 28th 2018 Andrew was awarded 1st place in the Scottish Nature Video Award 2017 with "Reforesting Planet Caledon". Captured with a 360° camera.

Judge Niall Irvine said: “Andrew’s video immediately grabbed the judges’ attention with its visual impact. As the story unfolds, we were struck by the effective blending of the visuals with the narrative."

Andrew was awarded 2nd place in the Scottish Nature Video Award 2016 with "Logpile Larder" and has been Shortlisted on 4 occasions, in the Scottish Nature Photography Awards

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360° film, on screen and VR headset viewing has become readily accessible, with many affordable consumer 360° cameras available.

There is a rising tide of display technology from VR originators HTC and Oculus, as well as increasing online platforms for hosting or even streaming 360° content.

The "wow" factor of 360° technology & well produced 360° content must not be underestimated. It is the engaging new way, to give your audience a truly unique immersive perspective of your subject.

Soon the demand for 360° content will be high, be at the cutting edge...commission 360° film for your business or product

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