Project Filming (Due to protection of vulnerable people, many project films are not available to view online).

...Dedicate a camera person to the in depth task of capturing the nitty-gritty of your project. From fly on the wall, to fully integrated photography and film workshops, filming can be arranged to suit your needs. ]

Capturing your project on a variety of recording devices, ensures your options with regard to reporting and promotion. By working it out together, we will decide how to best shadow your project to meet your image capture requirements

Participatory Film making:

Increasingly, where possible, i support project participants to engage with the filming process whilst I am film making. Through taking hold of the camera and filming, participants gain the opportunity to view themselves from the outside as well as from within.

Reporting through film offers participants an easy way to reflect upon, review and sharing their experience.

Participants have remarked that the filming perspective deepened their appreciation for the project or program, their work, their peers and the environments through which they were learning.

The part-participatory film making process, leads to more interesting films, due to participants input and their accepting the film-making and/or camera person as a part of their team/experience.