Photography (Now in 360 Degrees)

Photography today is at our fingertips, with most of us carrying a fairly good camera with us on our mobile phones or other device, uploading images to social networking sites.

There are still many occasions where commissioning a dedicated photographer is a good idea, to ensure you get high quality results, to enable your desired output. e.g. printed media or large displays.

New! 360 degree photography has become readily accessible, with leading camera companies all producing affordable consumer 360 camera technology.

There is a rising tide of 360 display technology from VR originators HTC, Oculus, Samsung & Google, as well as increasing online platforms for hosting 360 images and even compiling them into 3D spaces, navigable by the viewer.

The "wow" factor of 360 technology & "share" power of well produced 360 content must not be underestimated.

It is an exciting new way, to give your audience a truly unique interactive and immersive perspective of your subject.

Soon the demand for 360 content will be high, be at the cutting edge...commission 360 imagery for your business or product!